Full scan three provinces riding highlights

With more than ten years, the future of the Lake Race trained hard fly wings; the glorious journey of ten years, just starting its ambitious journey. Also in July, Lake race war renewed. Look around the lake this year, a lot of highlights. Check all despots, brilliant, who face "the feudal lords vying for the throne".

total distance than the previous increase of 200 km

the tournament a total of 14 days in 13 stages, the rest 1 days. The total distance of the race is 3591 km, the total distance of the game is about 2201 km, an increase of more than 200 km. Via Qinghai Xining, DOPA Town, West Town, Datong, mutual aid, Qinghai Lake scenic spot, Guide, Tongren, Longhua, Xunhua, Gansu, Linxia, Lintao, Tianshui, Pingliang, Ningxia, the Yinchuan defender, ending the war Lanzhou criterium, and the closing ceremony was held in Lanzhou.

from Qinghai "Rainbow Village" to the Qinghai Lake to a wide expanse of mist-covered waters, Wang Luobin sang the Jinyintan grassland, rolling wheels, melodious singing with. In Qinghai, Guide, the Yellow River, the water is clear; Huangnan Tibetan village, Regong Art bright and colorful; Sarah Town, the Yellow River feel the upstream flow style gallery……

from the Qinghai Tibet Plateau in the Loess Plateau, from pastoral areas to rural areas, white hada still in sight, Islamic style and oncoming, then, the players will be in the "flying home" Tianshui "linger".

beautiful Ningxia, will show us the desert, the Yellow River, mountain, oasis, the Great Wall, the Silk Road, the natural scenery and folk customs.

game range fought in southeastern Gansu


of this lake race in the territory of Gansu in Lanzhou City criterium, will bid farewell to the Hexi area for three consecutive games, he moved to Linxia, Tianshui, Pingliang 3 match points, the game extends to the large population and diverse topography of southern Gansu and Eastern regions.

used in the game, after starting from Qilian County into the plains, integral basically does not change, is very dull, competitiveness has declined, and this year the race route choice Tianshui, more challenging for the players, the game is more entertaining and coverage. More importantly, the population along the way this year is obviously a lot more than in previous years, which has an important significance to increase the influence and recognition of the lake race.

team hit a record high of

This year’s

Lake Race registration teams of nearly 50, a race around the lake high in history, by screening has identified 22 teams, 5 teams of domestic and foreign 17 teams, including UCI intercontinental occupation teams 7, intercontinental teams 15. The number of athletes per team increased from 7 to 9, the number of participants increased by more than the previous 44. In respect of the referee, the organizing committee has received the information of the president appointed by the state from the league, the information of the drug control officer and the itinerary;

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