Police express Xining police destroyed a single woman Gang robbery overnight

Qinghai news network they generally at night, in roadway and Jiashuyuan remote knife robbed single women’s property, they think no cloven hoof, crazy crime, did not expect to be caught by the police. May 29th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade plainclothes brigade destroyed the robbery Gang, arresting 5 suspects, cracked a series of robbery cases from 8.

it is understood that the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Security Bureau plainclothes brigade found in the daily work, a group of young people with no fixed income, but the cost is relatively large, according to the clues to determine which of the 5 youths and even the day occurred in the city of Xining more than robbery case, after a lot of investigation, to determine which of the 5 people major crime suspects. On the afternoon of May 29th, plainclothes police decided to implement the arrest of the work, in the Sea Lake Road, a wholesale market in a rented room arrested two suspects, the same day at 22 am, the other 3 involved were also arrested.

interrogation, the suspect Meng, Han, Liu, Chen, Qin 5 people on a month to occur in the West District of Xining City, East District and other places of robbery confessed to 8. It is understood that the gang members of the oldest 22 years old, the youngest is only 15 years old. Currently, the case is under further investigation. (author: he arrow Chen Dongwen)


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