Chengdong District the formation of 12 new communities revoke all street party committee and neighb

in accordance with the direct community residents to carry out urban grassroots management and service requirements, the city of Xining district recently revoked all street party committee and neighborhood offices, the formation of the establishment of 12 new communities. Four level management of "City District Street Community" as the "City District Community" management in three levels.

community service system reform, aimed at further enhancing the community service functions of the masses. The revocation of the seven Muslim Lane offices, adjust the identified 12 new community areas, they are: Dongguan, Muslim community, Lane Community international community, Zhou Jiaquan, Fu Qiang Xiang community community and mass community, Taining community, Kangle community, Tibet LINJIAYA Garden community, community, community and mutual aid road train station community.

According to

"2-3 million people, 15 minutes service circle" service standards, the city main road as the boundary, the re integration of community size settings, a reasonable division of community management services, the establishment of 12 new community public service center. (author: Su Jianping)

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