Allow candidates to prepare for the construction of a quiet night

Qinghai news network to Xining city (in) examination candidates to provide a good environment for Environmental Protection Bureau, Xining city since May 20th, a comprehensive inspection of construction sites at night, penalties for illegal construction of the construction site at night.

May 15th, the Xining Municipal People’s government issued "on the high (in) test during the noise limit control notice" requirement, from May 20th to June 22nd, residential areas around the construction site at noon (12 to 14) and night (22 PM to 6 am the next day) may not be as concrete industry, production and operation of other units shall not the noise exceeded the environmental noise limit standard.

on the evening of May 20th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of environmental monitoring team began to inspect, individual construction sites are still under construction, inspectors asked the person in charge of the construction site immediately shut down, and out of the penalty decision. It is understood that the high (middle) test period, Xining environmental protection 110 phone (6311110 and 12369) opened for 24 hours, if the residential area near the construction site construction at night, the provincial city people can call the environmental protection, "110" report. (author:

  and CuO);

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