North of the city of Xining district to support the financing of real Small and micro businesses

recently, the economic and commercial bureau of Xining Chengbei District Bank of Qinghai branch of the Bank of victory and the north of the city served on the installation of Electric Power Co., Ltd., 16 small and micro enterprises on behalf of the convening of the corporate finance matchmaking.
matchmaking, Qinghai bank staff for the basic information of the enterprise and the actual situation, introduced the "land mortgage" and "mortgage" and "three UNPROFOR" and "accounts receivable financing", "laid-off workers bundled financing" and other suitable for enterprise financing credit products and patiently and carefully explain the financing for the necessary conditions and application procedures. Through some feasible suggestions on both sides of the docking, communication and staff of the bank enterprise system is proposed, the owners of enterprise financing loans views have changed, the scene reached a milestone in Qinghai Petroleum Machinery Co. Ltd., Qinghai Zhao Ning building materials company of "land mortgage", Qinghai service electrical installation Co. "accounts receivable" the intention of financing financing loans.
matchmaking, entrepreneurs have said that when the enterprise is most in need of support, North District government held a "set up" the bank and docking activities, for the enterprise ", did not expect timely assistance" Small and micro businesses has become the bank’s strategic support object, with bank support, small the micro environment of the survival and development of enterprises will become better and better, the transformation and upgrading will be more confidence, more confidence. (author: Su Jianping)


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