Ecological river Muli mining area through the provincial inspection

8 month 17 days to 19 days, Qinghai province Muli mining area ecological environment comprehensive management office, leading group member unit of the comprehensive management of the ecological environment and natural protection zone Muli mining organization of Qilian Mountains, the provincial inspection and acceptance of the comprehensive improvement of ecological environment in Muli mining area work.

inspection team agreed that after the river comprehensive renovation, the original river slag pile obstacles have been removed, the ecological environment around the river improved, basically reached the river, the river clean, smooth to strengthen flood control capacity, water order good effect. The on-site inspection and acceptance, to achieve the target of coal mine environment comprehensive improvement of wood.

Water conservancy department

responsible person, at present, the Provincial Water Resources Department has completed an investment of 49 million 290 thousand yuan, and built a Muli coal mining shivered on the river, trembling River, ditch, river Canghe Qinghua 4 grade River flood control and river harnessing, slope greening of 47636 square meters, the completion of construction tasks 108%, ability the river reached 20 years of flood control flood standard. The completion of the project implementation, through the river Muli mining area water smooth, shore green, clear water, slope stability comprehensive remediation goals, making a positive contribution to completely reverse the Muli mining area ecological deterioration.


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