Held in the first half of the province’s industrial economic situation analysis

7 11, the provincial government held the first half of 2016, the province’s industrial economic situation analysis. Vice governor Wang Liming attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


meeting that the first half of this year, the grim face of complex economic situation, municipalities, departments and units to further implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the provincial government decision to deploy, insist on maintaining stability of the general work guideline, to promote the supply side structural reform, orderly pushed into production capacity, continue to accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, the province industry has maintained a steady and rapid growth.

the meeting stressed that the current economic development environment is still perplexing, all localities and departments and units to seriously study situation, always keep a clear mind, firmly establish the bottom line of thinking, to further promote the supply side structural reforms to further strengthen confidence, strength, and effectively implement the "three to drop a" policy measures; firm growth as a primary task, focus on the goal of the year, highlighting the key areas and industries, precise measures and policies to strengthen the effective allocation of production factors; strengthen the comprehensive coordination of services, and effectively solve the difficulties and problems, to help businesses survive; fully implement the National Forum on the reform of state-owned enterprises spirit, accelerate the reform process, and constantly enhance the vitality of enterprises, influence and the ability to resist risks; increase industrial investment, accelerate the development of power conversion, strengthen investment work, To promote the Green Fair contracted projects continue to enhance the development potential, air plant, to ensure the steady and healthy development of the province’s industrial economy.


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