With emotion with the problem with the power to learn typical deeds

8 9, provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department held a provincial united front system to learn the advanced deeds of Comrade pointed measures to mobilize, will learn to convey the spirit of the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng made to the pointed measures the advanced deeds of Comrade instructions, read the United Front Work Department, the provincial people were appointed "decision" regarding the development of the pointed measures Comrade learning activities. Called on the province’s united front system of cadres and workers to learn Comrade "pointed measures loyal to the party’s cause, the courage to play for" political character ", in close contact with the masses, selfless love for the people" spirit of dedication, "stick to post line, feelings in the pastoral area" professionalism and "low-cost lured self-discipline, maintain the integrity of public servant character" style.

tip comrades in Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Henan Mongolian Autonomous County Committee, united front minister. In December 4, 2015, comrade pointed out because of overwork, sudden myocardial infarction, fell in love with the work of the heart, at the age of 47 years old. Comrade pointed measures outstanding elements emerged in the province Party cadres team in the new period, is the outstanding representative of the United Front workers, is an excellent model of leading cadres at the grassroots level, is an advanced model for the practice of the party’s mass line, he wrote a song of the Communist Party in celebration of life with dedication and pursuit of the career of the party, the interpretation of the the Communist Party’s noble character.

mobilization meeting, we said that the study is typical of your practice, your actions, you get the actual results, the implementation of your duties on the. In the future with emotion, with the problem, with the power to learn the advanced deeds of Comrade pointed measures, like the pointed measures as Comrade practice as one people, close ties with the masses of the spirit of dedication, keep in mind the purpose of the party, ideals and faith, further emancipate the mind, seize the opportunity, solid work, striving for success, make new the greater contribution to the United Front work vigorously promote innovation and development.


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