Xining first primary and secondary school students hit the earth egg structure design contest held

eggs can hit the earth? May 25th, the first primary and secondary school students in Xining, eggs hit the earth structure design contest held in Xining Xiguan Street Elementary school. More than 200 students from the provincial capital’s more than and 40 schools participated in the competition with their own entries.

the event jointly organized by the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Association, Xining Municipal Education Bureau, Xining Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League, Xining city children’s palace hosted, aims to promote quality education of students, improve scientific literacy and innovation ability of students, cultivate and improve students’ comprehensive quality, promote scientific and technological activities in school youth development, popularization and to promote the development of science and technology education in Xining city.

The theme of

"egg hit the earth" structural design competition is: imagination, creativity, challenge. Players will be in the hands of the egg through the structure, from a few meters into the ground floor of the low altitude area, the egg intact victory. The students play their own ideas, designed a variety of works, reflects the environmental protection, low carbon, beautiful appearance and other characteristics. 8 school primary school, Ma Fang Xining eleventh middle school, Fifth Middle School of Xining City, won the first prize. (author: AEON History)

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