Xining to carry out the construction of provincial health education demonstration unit activities

will continue to promote and promote the steady development of health education in Xining City, to further deepen the work of creating the National Health City, according to the provincial aiweihui "notice" on carrying out health education activities demonstration unit construction requirements, Xining aiweihui decided this year January to carry out health education activities at the provincial level demonstration units within the city. According to the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government building a harmonious Xining, healthy Xining "work requirements, carry out activities to create a close to reality, life and the masses of the rich and colorful health education, to further improve the public health literacy and the quality of life.

days ago, Xining provincial health education demonstration unit construction mobilization meeting held in the Dongchuan Industrial Park, Xining economic and Technological Development zone. Xining city issued a "Xining provincial health education demonstration units to carry out the implementation of the program", set up a leading group of construction activities. The first city to determine the first 95 units to carry out provincial health education demonstration units to create named work, in accordance with the "government leadership, departmental cooperation, professional guidance, territorial management" principle, mature, assessment of a, a name can point, radiation driven, and comprehensively improve public health literacy and health the level of.

it is reported that the provincial health education demonstration unit activities of this construction is to create a national health city work to continue and extend, is also a promotion to the Xining City Chuangwei work, requiring all localities and departments in accordance with the provincial government in building a "harmonious Qinghai, healthy Qinghai" requirement, to promote health as the basic the intervention strategy, take effective propaganda way, so that the masses to master the basic knowledge of health, civilized and healthy living habits. To make full use of the "health promotion campaign for farmers," meet community health "and" smoke-free medical institutions, patriotic health advanced unit "and other activities platform, the mobilization of all organs, social organizations and the community to actively participate in the construction of health education demonstration unit activities, Xining ranks among the National Health city to make as soon as possible their due contribution.


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