Refused to piracy from me to start my province to carry out the theme of copyright publicity activit

World Intellectual Property Day April 26th. In order to strengthen the propaganda and popularization of copyright, improve the campus student awareness of copyright protection, April 20th to 26, jointly organized by the provincial Copyright Bureau, the provincial education department and the provincial pornography leading group office refused to piracy, begin from me — held copyright into the campus "theme of the campaign in the Province of universities.

this event to deny piracy, begin from me "as the theme, focusing on publicity and promotion plan, specific measures and objectives and tasks of the national intellectual property strategy, in recent years, the province to take action in terms of copyright protection and achievement, and the" copyright law "Regulations for the implementation of" regulations on the protection of computer software "and the" Information Network Transmission Right Protection Ordinance ", to enhance our province university teachers and students to establish awareness of copyright, copyright protection copyright law authority, create environment in Colleges and universities.

during the activity, teachers and students in Colleges and universities to carry out to deny piracy, begin from me "signature activities held in 2016; destruction of piracy and illegal publications focused activities; organization of copyright law enforcement departments, in-depth focus on the region to carry out joint enforcement inspection; carry out legal consulting service activities; in provincial universities organize theme class meetings, speech contests, knowledge contest such as publicity and education activities. School activities focus on strengthening the supervision of the use of various teaching materials, subscriptions, eliminate pirated textbooks into the school; on campus typing copy shop inventory, strengthen management, eliminate the bulk and complete copy learning textbooks, examinations and other phenomena, to create a good environment for the publication of the majority of teachers and students. ()


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