Xining municipal solid waste harmless treatment rate ranks first in the country

Xining municipal solid waste harmless treatment rate reached 92.3%, ranking the forefront of the country, to fill the gaps in the use of renewable resources in Xining project to explore the formation of a food waste disposal Xining model".

municipal solid waste treatment is an important part of urban management and environmental protection, related to the vital interests of the people. According to the Xining urban management department statistics, at present, Xining per capita daily production of 1.5 kilograms of garbage, a total of 2250 tons, nearly doubled in 2006. In 2007, Xining city unified collection and disposal services of kitchen waste, urban daily food waste generated by solid-liquid separation, crushing, sterilizing and other procedures, into feed, biodiesel protein and other products, the maximum daily processing capacity of 145 tons, the basic realization of the harmless disposal of kitchen waste. This kitchen waste disposal mode, the relevant ministries of the state as the City kitchen waste disposal of the Xining model". The treatment of domestic waste in Xining is mainly through three processes: bagging collection, airtight transportation and harmless sanitary landfill.

kitchen waste into bio diesel, waste compost, manure form construction waste into brick wall is more than the "Xining model", in recent years, Xining city has started construction and put into operation in Shenjiagou, Liu Jia Gou and Yin Jia Gou two class a harmless waste sanitary landfill; formulated "Xining City landfill landfill operation and management regulations", from the garbage landfill operation management, operation management, quality management and environmental landfill landfill management four aspects, the detailed provisions of the technical specifications of standard landfill operation and management; and to the government led, market participation after the introduction of the implementation mode of kitchen waste disposal, construction waste, construction of manure composting field project sustainable waste waste; waste disposal. Also from the previous single landfill to diversify the way to deal with waste disposal work more refined, to fill the gaps in the use of renewable resources in Xining project. (author: Yuan Yuhong)


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