Xining municipal government meeting stressed the need to help enterprises solve a number of problems

In October 20th, the municipal government held the city’s "help enterprises, steady growth, adjusting structure of conference activities, informed the city to help enterprises overall progress, work stage arrangement, requirements of the county, the working group to help enterprises to solve a lot of problems.

it is understood that the city "to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment has entered the final critical stage. Meeting the requirements of the county, the working group should be in the effective time, to help enterprises to solve a number of problems, the problems of research, put forward measures and methods to solve the problem of personality problems, and gradually solve; each register, to solve. Implementation of the relevant departments of the city’s more than and 80 issues, the relevant departments should pay close attention to the settlement, involving land, capital and other aspects of coordination in the short term is difficult to solve the problem, to develop work plans and measures to gradually resolve. At the same time, the county’s relatively mature conditions for financing projects, we must pay close attention to combing, improve the basic information, a number of mature group reported, and strive to implement a number of loans before the end of the year.

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