Rat cockroach infested Xining City West District three hotels fined

3 large hotel kitchen found a large number of mice and "Jack" trail, therefore, the relevant departments of the 3 hotels to each 2000 yuan punishment decision.

from the beginning of October 8th, Xining City West Area pest control inspection team, centralized inspection area of the "five small industries, homes, hotels and families. In October 16th, found that a large number of fecal and mouse body inspection group in the food material warehouse of 3 large hotels; found some cockroaches and cockroach corpse in the operating room. Inspection group of these 3 penalties each hotel 2000 yuan, while giving guidance in the field of prevention and control. It is understood that mice and cockroaches are easy to spread diseases, especially cockroaches, breeding and survival ability, dead cockroaches must be processed to eliminate the hidden dangers of high temperature.


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