Xining will rise 303 meters above the Qinghai Tibet Plateau

March 23rd afternoon, governor Hao Peng met with Greenland Group Chairman, President and his party, Zhang Yuliang. Secretary General of the provincial government Gao Hua, mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor of the city of China to attend the meeting, vice mayor of the city of China, the Secretary General of the provincial government, vice mayor of.

Hao Peng on behalf of the provincial government of Zhang Yuliang expressed his welcome, and briefly introduced the economic and social development in our province. He said, Qinghai ecological highlight the status of an important strategic position, resource advantage, and has great potential for development, with Silk Road Economic Belt construction opportunities, Greenland Group to invest in Qinghai at the right time.

and 303 meters tall, the ground 68 floors, 4 floors underground, the overall shape is like a colorful auspicious tower will be built into the tallest building, the tallest building in Western Xining and the new city name card! March 24th, the founder of the world’s landmark skyscraper, the world’s top 500 enterprises Greenland Group, invested more than 7 billion yuan to build the country’s twenty-eighth landmark buildings – Xining Green Center project officially started laying the foundation. City leaders Wang Yubo, Zou Jiansheng, and so on, and so on,, chairman of the board of directors, President, President, executive vice president, attended the opening ceremony of the ceremony, and so on, and so on, on the other hand, the city leaders, such as:, chairman of the board of directors, and so on, and so on, and so on, the.

it is reported that the Xining Green Center Project in Xining is committed to creating an important project of Northwest economic highland and construct the "big Xining" metropolitan area, but also to promote the Xining economy and optimize the economic and industrial restructuring, on behalf of the project, to further enhance the Xining city comprehensive service function, convenient people group;

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