The report on the evaluation of Chinese urban pedestrian friendliness was released in Xining as more

August 27th, the international environmental organization of Natural Resources Protection Association (NRDC) released the first domestic "Chinese pedestrian friendly city" evaluation report in Beijing (hereinafter referred to as the "evaluation"), in 35 selected in Xining City, was named "a walkable city.

NRDC for the current Chinese city car based, disorderly spread caused by traffic congestion, loss of human space, and so on, the study launched the first set of urban pedestrian evaluation system. The system of the safety, comfort and convenience, and the management level of the local government in four aspects, the pedestrian friendliness is divided into 5 grades: Heaven, very suitable for walking walking type, suitable for walking type, suitable walking type, not suitable for walking type. "Evaluation", according to different regional climate and administrative level, in the East and the West has selected 35 city evaluation, evaluation of information from the government or authority, publication of the Yearbook, bulletin and government work report and the satellite map data etc..

in 35 cities, known as "walking paradise" is Hongkong, "very suitable for walking" of the city, including Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Dalian. Xining and other 17 cities located in the fourth level that is more suitable for walking". "Evaluation" said in walkable city, the vast majority of people daily activities can be completed by walking and public transport, and are not suitable for walking in the city, people travel to a large extent dependent on motor vehicle.


" is proposed to improve the evaluation, "pedestrian friendly city", the first to encourage the "compact land use" mixed, such as reducing the function of a single large residential and commercial areas, increase the block vitality and walking attraction, the center of the city inside should minimize unnecessary parking lot. At the same time, it is necessary to establish a convenient public transport system, especially in residential areas, commercial areas, entertainment centers around the establishment of a walking system, and improve the link between the pedestrian system and urban public transport facilities.


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