Xining street trees began autumn beauty

reporter from the garden department, Xining city greening campaign started in autumn, from now until November, the district and the relevant departments will be the city’s lack of plant trees for replanting replanting trees, focus on pruning, to further enhance the city’s landscape effect.

this autumn campaign, I first dead trees in the city roads, the green space to clean up, according to the requirements of green landscape, and the configuration of tree species, park, garden, Plaza, street greenbelt in Joe, shrub, ground covers and lawns of replanting, to ensure that no bare land. At the same time, continue to small garden, street green landscape to enhance the transformation, to create fine green landscape. At present, our city has begun to focus on the road to Kunlun Avenue, victory road, Haiyan Road, street tree replanting, part of trees and dead trees had been cleared, pits have been dug, waiting for the arrival of new. In addition to replanting replanting, I will also use this autumn to Tianjun Road, Menyuan Road extension and other streets planting new trees, green spruce, poplar etc. with "". It is reported that, in November, in addition to the special circumstances under the high voltage line is not suitable for planting trees, the city’s main roads and trees will not appear missing tree phenomenon, the overall level of green viewing has been greatly improved. (author: small words)

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