The large scale Symphonic Concert Mulan Psalm is held by the audience in our province

As the "Silk Road" tour second station, November 17th, on the evening of 18, by China National Symphony Orchestra and ensemble together to create large-scale scene symphony concert "Mulan Psalm" in Qinghai grand theater. This classic repertoire since 2010 to return after the premiere of our province, and with a high standard of "symphonic concert scene" form and the audience in our province, so that the audience have been screaming.

"hands on sword, heart surging, I yearn for the flags fluttering, tied the dragon, disguised as a man for the father to me why……" Magnolia flower background curtain slowly rises after Mulan for the father, the ten years of the story to dash about in a battlefield, with concise narrative meanders. "Mulan Psalm" based on Mulan Nvbannanzhuang, for the father of the eternal story. The head of China guanxia composed by the National Symphony Orchestra, national writer, lyricist Liu Lin screenwriter lyricist, famous conductor Li Xincao, Jiang Jinyi, song and dance troupe soprano Lei Jia, tenor Zhang Yingxi ensemble of outstanding artists portrait. The concert symphony as the main body, to absorb and integrate the musical, drama, opera, oratorio, melodrama for music performance and situational performance elements, through the China traditional five tone, highlighting the great charm of Chinese national music.  

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