Xining city rescue station staff to please stop the homeless

"eleven" during the long holiday, street vagrants and beggars worrying. September 30th onwards, Xining rescue management staff members of the road a few points, the rescue of special vehicles, the scene of the rescue of all corners of the city vagrants and beggars. 3, the reporter with the city rescue management station staff, with bread, mineral water, clothing and other relief supplies to the streets to search for the need to help rangers.

October 3rd is the Mid Autumn Festival, the reporter to follow the Xining relief management station staff Yang Longjun took to the streets to rescue vagrants and beggars, in the light of Huang found a man who is begging rescue station staff to persuade said: "you wandering around the street, and even did not eat rice, rescue station you go to dinner?" The man shook his head again and again. Many onlookers also help to see the way: "do not eat money, there is a place to sleep, not to go?" The man still said he didn’t want to go. In a garbage box, a man is in turn pick up bottles. He claims to be from Gansu, wandering in Xining. Staff asked whether he would like to go to the rescue station, the man turned away.

one morning, rescue station staff to help a few rangers are only to accept relief supplies, but refused to return to the rescue station with the staff. Staff said that they often come out looking for Vagrants and beggars, which received a lot of supplies, but would like to go back with the car very few. Because these stray sleepers were mostly occupation beggars, unless cannot but, they are not willing to go to the rescue station. Initiative to help the rescue station is most likely to encounter difficulties, from October 1st to date, a total of more than 20 rescue workers trapped rescue station. If people in the street to see vagrants and beggars, you can call the rescue station phone (0971 – 8149444), the staff will go to the streets will be begging for Vagrants and beggars.


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