Xining Mo street market initiative to the city’s agricultural and sideline products market units

is a positive response to the provincial government, the municipal Party committee and municipal government to maintain good agricultural and sideline products market operation order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the masses of the people, and for the vast number of consumers to create a comfortable, clean, rest assured, satisfied the market shopping environment. Here, we give the following recommendations:

, strictly abide by state laws and regulations, and resolutely safeguard the fairness and justice of the market order, actively cooperate with the government and relevant departments to crack down on entrenched in the market in the hearts, qiangmaiqiangmai, hoarding and profiteering drive up prices and other illegal acts, equal treatment for all operators, consciously take up the first responsibility of the operation of the market responsibility, take the lead in promoting the integrity of business philosophy, to make an example for the majority of operators in the market.

two, consciously perform the obligations of market operators, to provide quality and safety for the business operation facilities, ensure clean and orderly operation, the consumption environment, conscientiously listen to opinions and suggestions of consumers, operators, according to law, reasonable charge, and resolutely put an end to arbitrary charges.

three, obey the supervision and management and maintenance of the administrative law enforcement departments, law enforcement authorities in a timely manner to reflect the dynamic market operation and consumption, to the situation, reported lower levels, maintain market stability and order and achieve stability maintenance, fire protection, security responsibility in place, the implementation of three three.

four, consciously accept the supervision of the community and the majority of operators, consumers. Improve fair balance, commodity price list, supply and demand information and other consumer service facilities, civilized and courteous, warm and thoughtful, acceptance of consumer complaints, do a good job in sales and marketing services.

five, innovative service model, active market transactions, to attract employees, to assume social responsibility to ensure that the market has become a civilized city window, the epitome of economic prosperity.

to create a new style of trade market, let us take action, bid farewell to uncivilized business practices, establish a good market fresh air. Striving for a civilized market and a harmonious market!

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