Xining Seismological Bureau Guest sunshine hotline

Xining Seismological Bureau Guest "sunshine hotline"

  for the recent global earthquake situation, the social public to the earthquake disaster mitigation and earthquake science knowledge’s demand, the morning of November 30, 2010, the director of the Xining Municipal Seismological Bureau, Feng Zhenman, director of the office of comprehensive business chief Zhang Tiejun Fan Xuejuan told the Xining Municipal People’s broadcasting news broadcast, broadcast traffic, city life art radio joint interview, in the form of interviews for the public, the Seismological Bureau of Xining city departments related work responsibilities. With the city construction to speed up the city, seismic fortification work has been incorporated into the basic construction procedure of our city, and my bureau also increased the earthquake fortification supervision work, in the program also introduced how to do the suspension in public places is different, after the earthquake, how to develop the self correlation of earthquake science knowledge and "11th Five-Year" during the Xining earthquake and the development of "12th Five-Year" during the planning work.


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