Qinghai Lake for the first time to visit the big Swan

Reporter learned from the meteorological department and the Qinghai Lake Nature Reserve in Qinghai province learned that China’s largest inland saltwater lake – Qinghai Lake ice has melted completely, the official opening of the lake, there are more than 3 only concentrate in the migration of birds.According to senior engineer Liu Baokang

"this year began to thaw period than Qinghai Lake monitoring data since the average value of 38 days in advance, this is due to the high average temperature since January. For the ‘come early’ migratory birds, the early thaw means that a landing will be able to eat fish." Liu Baokang said.

"there have been more than 3 migratory birds gathered, the bird population is basically stable, it is worth mentioning that, in addition to the bar headed goose, cormorants, etc. also Brown Headed Gull regulars, first detected from a Mongolia’s UVS Lake swan." Yang Shoude, director of Forest Public Security Bureau of Qinghai Lake nature reserve.

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