September 1st 3 bus line adjustment

recently, members of the public have to call the hotline, on the 15 road of concern, the road, the road (line 1) and the new bus routes to solve the problem of the 39 line of inquiry on the road, the 35. Reporters from the city bus company camp mediation learned that, at present, 3 lines and 39 new bus car inside and outside the site guide map, line stop and corresponding facilities have been basically set up, from September 1st onwards, the bus officially adjusted in accordance with the operation of the line, the specific site is as follows.

601 Road (line 1): train station, train station, East Yuen bridge, Qinghai science and Technology Museum, Grand Theatre, Wen Jing Jie Dong, Haiyan Qiaodong, Lake Bridge, cultural park, Haiyan Road West, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Haiyan Road, East Hospital, people’s Park, North Xining, bath, traffic lane the ancient city of Kunlun telecom company, Taiwan, Huangchuan, a cross campus, Armed Police Corps, 61 West, Dongtai market, GA GA Zhuang village, South, seamounts.

15: Qinghai University, Chalukou Mo, Jia Quan Wan, twenty shop, twenty shop, twenty-five police station, village, stone Lei, biological park intersection, Tao Jiazhai, new century garden, Tianjun City District, North West, happiness Road, Shen Ning Zhang Xingyuan, the middle school, North Station, bridge bridge, people traffic lane, North Park, bath, Xining, Tongren crossing five fork in the road, central square, Qinghai daily (Triangle Garden).

35: Economic Development Zone, Golden Bridge Road, CMC building, Jia Ronghua sunshine District, people and people, and the road on the south, north, West, rehabilitation hospital, Cao Zhai Dong, Cao Zhai, Kangle, Kang Xi Road, Delingha Road, Yang Lane, Xining Mansion, Qinghai Tibet railway company, Riverside Road, Riverside east east road, Riverside District, East Riverside District West, 51, 51, 51 Qiaodong Road intersection, Xining Province Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, hotel, school, Xinghai Road, five fork, kylin Bay, Zhifang street, city, Taiwan textile building, New South Plaza, Ning Taiwan, tiger tiger Taiwan middle school, the provincial radio and television bureau.

39: Economic Development Zone, Golden Bridge Road, CMC building, Jia Ronghua sunshine District, Dongcheng District, Pearl Garden of Qinghai Tibet railway, Kang West Village, Taining garden, Delingha Road, Golog Road, Delingha Road, Yang Jia Xiang, Xining Mansion, women and children’s Hospital, Kunlun middle school, middle school, Republic Hotel, Hui Londian overpass, eleven, third, fifth, Grand Cross, the Red Cross Hospital, North Street, central square, triangle garden. (author: Xiaofeng)

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