The next three years Xining will adjust the layout of education big surgery

, I heard that the door will be built in the school, which is a good thing for us, children go to school inconvenient problems will soon be resolved." August 11th, who lives in the city of Shangri-La, Ms. Ma heard that the layout of urban education in Xining will make adjustments to the news, particularly pleased.

is the core content of the adjustment of the layout, construction, relocation of 8 schools, 2 occupation school expansion, relocation, in particular: Huangchuan middle school relocation of the Lake District, Xining fifth Tonghai road relocation chengnanxinqu North Binhe Road, Nanshan Road, the new primary school primary school, Shangri-La Road Primary School, primary school, Xichuan Ning the lake middle school, the relocation of three 21 waterway to the East and Xining Huang post relocation Biological Park Road five, north latitude century vocational school expansion.

school layout adjustment involves a total of 21 schools. The relocation of 6 schools (Huangchuan middle school, Xining fifth, 21, sumikawa primary school, primary school, Xiao Quan Xining first occupation school), 7 new schools (Binhe Road Primary School, primary school, primary school, Nanshan Road friendship Xichuan primary school, Shangri-La Road Primary School, primary school, middle school biology Park Ning Hu), the expansion of 3 school (primary school in Zhuang Yifu, North Street Primary School, vocational school, 4 century) and primary school (ten in Dongguan Street Primary School, primary school, primary school and Pu Bei Guan Jie Xiao Quan primary school), the transfer of the management of 1 schools.

it is understood that the primary and secondary schools and vocational education in Xining, there are different degrees of problems. Primary school resources are scarce, the amount of school classes is too large, the size of the existing primary school layout and the size of the city can not meet the needs of population growth. High school education resources shortage, large class phenomenon is serious, the existing public schools in Xining City 36, the average number of classes in the school of 60 to 70 people, accounting for public high school of 31%. Ordinary high school students 18201, teaching class of 332, the average class size of 55 people (the national requirements of the class in the following 45 people), need to increase the teaching class of 73. 526 junior high school students, teaching classes of the average class of 58.3 people, the need to increase the number of teaching classes in the class of 30637. Vocational education is small, the total amount is still weak in the city’s education. The vocational education is out of touch with the market, the dominant characteristic industry, the condition of running a school and the professional foundation is weak; the scale, structure and quality of the personnel training can not meet the needs of the economic society and the development of the industry. According to the 2006 education statistics report, the city’s secondary vocational education students accounted for only 31.73% of the total number of high school students, with the country and the province of the ratio of 5 to 5, compared with 4 to 6 there is still a big gap. (author: Shen Haiyu)


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