95 major fire hazards unit exposure

Reporters from the Qinghai Provincial Public Security Fire Department learned that, recently, the province of the 95 major fire hazards, Jiuzhibuyu work sick units in the local media exposure, in order to promote a major fire hazard units to develop measures to limit the rectification, the complete elimination of major fire hazards, curb the occurrence of major fire accidents. It is understood that the major fire hazard remediation special action focused on the existence of "bones", "old", and contiguous area of crowded places, fire safety key units were Mopai, and in accordance with the elimination of inventory control increment ", serious impact on public safety," flawed "to change the major fire the government risks, supervise the handling, media exposure, tracking visits, suspend production and other means to urge the rectification, enhance the social level of fire prevention and control. As of now, the province’s public security organs, fire control institutions, joint industry and commerce, safety supervision and other departments to take more police interaction, multi sectoral joint investigation, the province’s 14558 units were examined and found hidden 27572, 95 units were identified as a major fire hazard units and by the media "naming", public exposure of a major fire hidden unit name, and the responsibility of fire violations, the formation of a strong public opinion offensive. With the active promotion of local government departments and media exposure, a number of major fire hazard units rectification work is being carried out in an orderly manner. At the same time, all over the country also give full play to the "96119" fire hazard reporting hotline role to encourage people to report fire hazards, to promote the rectification of major fire hazards.  

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