CPPCC provincial Party committee meeting to study the deployment of the work of the Party committee

March 23rd, the provincial CPPCC organs party meeting held, further learning to convey the general secretary Xi Jinping in an important speech at the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress of the Qinghai delegation, the spirit of the general office of the CPC Central Committee "on" learning, learning series speech at the Party Constitution all Party members, Party members to be qualified "learning plan" spirit to study the deployment of clean government, organs and other aspects of the work.

the meeting pointed out, to study general secretary Xi Jinping important speech in the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress in Qinghai delegation with the daily work of CPPCC closely together, and vigorously promote the work of CPPCC; to abide by the party’s political discipline and political rules, and constantly enhance political acumen and discernment, strengthening discipline the constraint, form good habits consciously respect constitution, abide by Party discipline, in violation of discipline, dare to dare to struggle; to pay close attention to clean government and anti-corruption struggle, always put in front of a discipline, persevere deepen style building, strengthen the risk prevention and control and supervision and discipline of accountability; according to the system, people the system, to promote the construction of clean government of CPPCC made new results.

the meeting stressed that the party organizations at all levels of the provincial CPPCC organs to actively support and cooperate in the provincial CPPCC Provincial Commission for discipline inspection organs of discipline inspection group to carry out the work, in support of the discipline inspection group to perform oversight functions, to deepen the CPPCC clean government and anti-corruption work.


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