North of the city to carry out a solid risk investigation and prevention work

since the development of the prevention and control of risk management, each unit of Chengbei district departments fully detailed find independent risk point, formulate prevention and control measures, to effectively monitor the operation of public power, continuously strengthening internal management, standardized and efficient operation, has produced remarkable results. First, deepen anti-corruption propaganda and education. Through the investigation of the risk, so that each cadres and workers are aware of the risk of their responsibilities and potential, resulting in the thought and established the "political risk prevention, in addition to risk" awareness of risk prevention consciousness change required to prevent risks. Two is to improve the quality and level of anti-corruption system construction. Investigation of corruption risk points to identify loopholes in the system may lead to corruption, and enhance the pertinence and operability of the system construction. Three is to strengthen the construction of the contingent of cadres. To carry out independent risk management, not only to the party members and cadres sounded the warning bell of the risk, and through a variety of preventive measures, so that party members and cadres from corruption, the real party cadres weave a "safety net", the protection of cadres, cadres to promote healthy growth. The four is to build the anti-corruption mechanism and the relationship between the work of the business mechanism. To solve the party organizations and leading cadres to perform a pair of "the starting point and the carrier, provides a platform for Discipline Inspection and supervision work, but also promote the efficient operation of

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