15 from the beginning of the Xining car rental service quality

In order to further standardize the management of taxi

provincial capital order, existing in the operation to correct the taxi drivers uncivilized behavior, Xining yunguanchu from month 15 onwards, the implementation of the scoring system of taxi driver service quality, by 0 points will be included in the list of bad records, the leasing company will not be accepted.

in accordance with the provisions of Qinghai Province, taxi driver service reputation assessment scale of service quality assessment, the total score is 20 points, such as drivers violate the standard, yunguanchu Information Center will be in accordance with the corresponding record control score standard to score.

in the 40 scoring criteria, the public has been involved in the issue of complaints. Such as unauthorized modification, adjust the meter caused by the loss of accurate; threat, intimidation, abuse, assault passengers will be deducted 20 points. Aggressive driving continuous overtaking, the impact of road traffic order; in case of diffuse water, muddy road does not slow down to splash wet pedestrians; in the available vehicles to shift, refueling, refueling, traffic, not too far away, on the way, the road is not good, not justified the rejection of the operation; on the way to interrupt service without justifiable reasons will be deducted 10 points. Without the consent of the passengers, deliberately bypass, forced to ride will be deducted 5 points. In addition, some of the driver’s behavior standards are included in the scoring criteria.

scoring standards which also have extra points. If the taxi driver, there are courageous deeds such as life-saving, as appropriate, plus 1 to 10 points.

taxi driver score in the evaluation cycle to 0 points to 0 points, should be in within 15 days from the date of the qualification management of archives are located in training qualified institutions, for at least 18 hours taxi regulations, occupation ethics and safety awareness training, and through training to prove that the archives information management center for clear scoring procedures.

in the evaluation cycle of service quality comprehensive assessment of the credit score is 0 points, and not in accordance with the provisions in training; two consecutive assessment cycle service quality credit evaluation rating for the B level; in an assessment period by more than two times the cumulative score of 0 points; over time without justifiable reasons for the endorsement of assessment of credit quality of service level; the occurrence of other serious violations or service quality accident, yunguanchu driver will be included in the list of bad records, and regularly publish bad records list in the website or driver of the Department in charge of transportation on the site, and continue to organize training and education. Failing to participate in continuing education and training in accordance with the relevant provisions, the leasing company shall not employ.

addition, in violation of the "Xining taxi management regulations" behavior, yunguanchu will be severely punished severely according to law. Taxi drivers refusing passengers, in fines at the same time, the vehicle will shut down for 3 days, driver assistance inspection. In the west railway station, forced to spell, in a fine at the same time, the vehicle driver assistance inspection outage for 30 days.

in accordance with the "Xining taxi management rights allocation scheme" regulations;

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