Steady growth to promote financial stability and employment stability

October 22nd, vice governor Cheng Lihua went to the North District, Datong County, the city district, East District, the city’s financial and social work. Cheng Lihua stressed that the Department of Finance Agency, to work around the province’s steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood, anti risk, fiscal revenue will complete the task, to maintain a stable employment situation as the first work in promoting the steady growth of the economy at the same time, the financial income and employment stability. On the same day, Cheng Lihua and his entourage went to Xining comprehensive business incubation base, Nanshan West community, Qinghai Tibetan sheep carpet Co., ltd.. Shop catering skills training in the North District twenty, Cheng Lihua understand the situation of rural labor transfer training, employment with our city in Datong County; employment training center, Chengzhong district business incubator college students, Cheng Lihua and entrepreneurs cordial conversation, to understand the progress of their entrepreneurial projects and entrepreneurship. Subsequently, Cheng Lihua listened to the city’s social and financial reports. Do a good job in the city’s social work, she pointed out that the employment of college graduates and labor transfer employment as the focus of the work. The further implementation of the strategy of employment priority, continuously adjust and optimize the economic structure, expanding employment by three industry development; accelerate the development of regional coordination, completes the labor transfer employment; to reform the bonus, stimulate the vitality of the market and promote employment. Make full use of employment and entrepreneurship policy, give full play to the effect of various policies. Create a relaxed environment to promote entrepreneurship to promote employment. To promote higher quality employment training, explore the integration of resources to try to focus on the selection of large market demand training programs to enhance the pertinence and timeliness of training. Do a good job of labor output, promote the local transfer of employment. Do I finance work, Cheng Lihua stressed that to ensure the full completion of this year’s income, tax law, accounts receivable are collected, over the completion of the task, make contributions to the province. Do a good job of expenditure protection, strict control of general expenditure. Pay attention to the promotion of financial management from the aspects of system construction, system and mechanism innovation. Research and reform work, accurately grasp the direction of reform, to promote the full implementation of the reform measures.  

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