The development of cities and towns in Qinghai should take distinctive features

Promote the development of new urbanization is the biggest bonus of reform and development, promote the construction of ecological civilization is a long-term plan for the future of the nation. With the implementation of the western development strategy and the implementation of the Sanjiang source ecological protection zone, the process of urbanization in our province continues to accelerate, urbanization in promoting the province’s economic and social development has played an important role. The morning of June 11th, in the ecological protection and urban construction of the new mode of the forum, experts and scholars from Chinese academy, China city planning and Design Institute, the national development and Reform Commission and other departments, and suggestions for our province to the development of urbanization.

establish a new pattern of urbanization

The national development and Reform Commission chief planner of

city and small towns reform and development center Shen Chi proposed in our province to establish a new pattern of urbanization in Xining, mainly to build the province’s service center and the base of life, economic hub, traffic engine. Since the following cities and towns in Longyangxia, combined with the Yellow River water conservancy, landscape, culture and other resources, the development of small cities. And the Xining Liberal Democratic north along the Xining to Zhangye railway, including the Menyuan and Qilian, will be the focus and the core area of the city, the province’s economic development. The source area of Sanjiang, with much land and few people, urbanization to mainly focus on providing public services for the development of herdsmen. Known as cornucopia Qaidam basin can industry, development for the province’s industrial zone. The ecological environment of the Qinghai Lake area is relatively fragile, mainly to protect the ecology and the development of tourism. The path of urbanization in Qinghai should be in line with the level of economic development in Qinghai, the level of characteristics, combined with Qinghai’s natural resources and natural conditions, clear their different development tasks.

urbanization should be more characteristic

Chinese of Geographic Sciences and natural resources research institute researcher Fan Jie said, in the process of urbanization in Qinghai, an important ecological position, determines the contradiction between development and ecological protection of the town than any region, but the ecological safety is crucial, therefore, Qinghai in the implementation of the new urbanization construction, must coordinate the relationship between the two. Qinghai should also be based on different regions of tourism resources, mineral resources, biological resources, to develop different urbanization development direction. At the same time, the cultural characteristics of Qinghai is very distinctive, it is necessary to the characteristics of civilization, cultural characteristics, characteristics of natural scenery embodied in the process of urbanization. In the future, Qinghai to open a more distinctive mode of urbanization.


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