Wenfeng monument bike yesterday passion start

15 provinces of

players gathered in summer

it is understood that since 2010, the city held the first Wenfeng monument ecological scenic mountain bike invitational tournament has been successfully held four sessions. This year the athletes level increased dramatically, from Jiangsu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Guizhou and other 15 provinces, more than 300 mountain bike riding enthusiasts to participate in the competition, foreign players accounted for 50% of the number of. From Henan, Luoyang, Cai Weilong told reporters, Wenfeng monument mountain bike Invitational in many riders have a good reputation, so he decided to personally experience. After the game, he found the game stage design, stage in the uphill or downhill route is also very challenging, he won the elite group of fourth of the good results of this, "if there is a chance, I will come every year." In an interview with reporters, said they had come to the Wenfeng monument mountain bike Invitational foreign players, many for several years, the competition level is getting higher and higher, the packet becomes more and more reasonable, has become a new name card of Xining sports events.

expert today Wenfeng monument under the high and low

today, as the Wenfeng monument eco-tourism scenic spot mountain bike Invitational Highlights – team will open the game off from the 21 bike team inside and outside the province, starting from the center of the square, by way of the North Gate Tower, South Street, Nanshan Park, South unitary hill, finally in the Wenfeng monument of a showdown, the team race of 15 km. From Xunhua, said Shan Haiyun, head of the United States, Qinghai, now more and more people interested in cycling sport, they are a group of average age of 28 years old riding enthusiasts. The Wenfeng monument mountain bike is a good platform for amateur exchanges, learning is also very good, to advocate "green travel, low-carbon life, ecological tourism" concept, therefore, this time they made a special trip to match team. In addition to the wonderful team in the game, racing up the stage, singing tourism concept, the city zone will be held, sports tourism, business promotion activities and low carbon environmental protection activities in the central square. At the same time, children’s fun riding competitions, events and theatrical performances will enrich the people’s holiday life. Report from our correspondent (reporter   Rong Lijun)


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