The streets of shuahou illegal hotline 0971 6301441

Recently, in the East District of Xining City, Huang Zhong Lu, a monkey show attracted a lot of people watching. In the course of the performance, then free to whip the behavior attracted widespread public resentment. The Public Security Department of Xining city forestry official said, the street entertainer is shuahou animal cruelty, is prohibited by the state.

"boat of your sister, brother to go ashore, enenaiai swing long cable……" I saw more than and 50 year old monkey who loudly sings the song of the century on 90s pop song "love boat tracker", at the side of the side of a monkey to make all kinds of action in accordance with the instructions or instructions, the monkey dance, or stand, salute, or somersaults, dance sticks, acting well, won the crowd of people bursts of applause. But in the process of performing trio to monkey attitude makes onlookers uncomfortable. During the performance, slow monkey reaction, or action is not perfect, then people would have been a whip, the monkey is often played "Jiji" shout.

onlookers Mr. Ma told reporters: "this monkey is thin hair to fall out, already poor, did not think the monkey also does not use the whip it, really inhumanity, after all, animal is a life." The public generally believes that, although the monkey is a kind of living skills, shuahou people wandering outside is not easy, but it should not abuse the monkey.

state for this street shuahou behaviors have no control measures? Reporters from the Xining City Forest Public Security Bureau learned that the provisions of the "wild animal protection law", the monkey is the two national animal protection, forestry departments without license is not domesticated, where profit activities with the wild animal is illegal behavior. Domestication, breeding need to bid for wild animal breeding license, if you take the monkey when performing, but also need to apply for a permit to perform. A staff to remind the general public, if there is a monkey monkey dance in the streets of abuse phenomenon, should be using a mobile phone to shoot down the whole process, and then promptly call the hotline: 0971 – 6301441. (author: Li Zhibu)


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