Summer street into a scene in Xining

"Nanshan overlooking Xining City Center Plaza, sun Wanli leisure walk street kylin, summer wear time……" This jingle widely circulated in Xining users, is the "four pieces of ten things to do in Xining. The unique characteristics of the Xining summer street in Nanshan, central square, kylin Bay has become a scene of Xining, in the online "popular", has become one of the travel to Xining will go to the place.

summer afternoon, came to the street, pick a feeling on the coffee house, sitting in the window, a cup of cappuccino, again on a small standard French cake, it is how happy. The coffee aroma, out of the window on the sidewalk trees, and broad streets silhouetted against each other, Hua Jiaoyan dripping pot. Street decoration but different personality and taste of the bar, gallery, book, tea, coffee shop, flower shop, Tibetan bar, as well as high-end halal restaurants, hot pot restaurants, specialty snack bar…… A family in front of. People who drink coffee are sitting in the store, while they are in the middle of the street. It’s just that you are sitting in the shop and watching the scenery.

summer street "red" is not just the scenery. A few years ago, visitors to Xining complained that they had no place to go after dinner. "There is no night life in Xining!" A visitor found no place to go after dinner, disappointed to call the newspaper said. Things are different now. It’s not an easy thing to find a place at ninety in the evening of August. This street can be said to meet the needs of people at different levels, want to feel Xining’s ethnic culture, it can go to Tibet to possession of goods tea, feel the high-end art, can go to the gallery, looking for a place to sit in meditation, can book, want to friends, go to the bar to drink two cups, want to taste the delicacy go, Halal Restaurant and snack bar sinseong hoe.

a netizen said: "summer street to keep tourists, retain people gathered popularity, prolong the time of customer consumption, allowing visitors to slow down, slowly, slowly playing around, so as to bring popularity and economic benefits. Customers shopping tired, there should be a place to rest, rest places not only to be more comfortable, but also to allow the rest of the tourists themselves have become a block of king."

a netizen said: "summer street has a good location, the surrounding facilities are very complete, it is important that the enduring culture, let a person produce emotional identity." A newly opened coffee shop owner said that Xining’s rapid economic development, significantly improve the environment of Xining and Xining people living concept changes and life gradually develop, prompting them to open coffee shop here. (author: Zhang Yaning)


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