Underground pipe gallery has been built 47 81 km

learned from the provincial housing department, this year, the task to start the construction of underground pipe gallery in our province 50.29 kilometers, at present, has started construction of 47.81 km (Xining city started 27.77 kilometers, 20.04 kilometers east of the sea city construction, the completion of the annual construction tasks) was 95%.

to speed up the construction of city underground pipe gallery, improve policies to strengthen our province has issued "guidance on accelerating the construction of urban infrastructure" opinions "on promoting the construction of urban underground pipe gallery implementation opinions", clear requirements of Xining City, East Sea city to accelerate the construction of underground pipe gallery. At the same time, started the city and county underground pipeline census. Up to now, the province completed a total of 11500 kilometers of underground pipelines in the city, laying the foundation for the planning and construction of underground comprehensive pipe gallery. According to the "city underground pipe gallery project planning guidelines", the "Xining city underground pipe gallery project plan" "sea east of the core area of the city underground pipe gallery planning" planning, clarify the scope of city planning area of water supply, drainage, gas, heat, electricity, communications, radio and television, industrial pipelines all into the corridor.

, the reporter also learned that in our province the construction of city underground pipe gallery to top-level design, put forward to build a number of advanced level of urban underground pipe gallery requirements, put into operation will improve the road zipper problem. It also puts forward that the safety level of underground pipelines and the ability of disaster prevention and disaster prevention should be improved, and the urban ground landscape should be improved obviously. At the same time, the establishment of the provincial underground comprehensive pipe gallery project database, to achieve the dynamic update of the data, so that orderly succession, followed by fiscal policy adjustments and changes, play a complementary role.


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