The first scene of the province’s public security WeChat public platform on line

8 8, the Provincial Public Security Bureau of Qinghai Lake Scenic Area Public Security Bureau officially opened the WeChat public platform, enabling the Qinghai Lake public security WeChat public account. This is the first area of our province public security organs certification to open the government of WeChat, is also following the opening of Qinghai Lake scenic area public security bureau chief new media (micro-blog, Sina, micro-blog’s @ Qinghai Lake public security network) police livelihood platform comprises second parts.

"Qinghai Lake public security" WeChat public platform to set personalized menu and function, the Qinghai Lake scenic spots, natural science, humanities tourism safety, public security administrative services and other content, make full use of voice, video, graphics and other WeChat information resources, the majority of visitors to the scenic spots of Qinghai Lake and the users of the masses of police work, dynamic e-government service measures to share with you the security measures of tourism public safety information, tourists, and take the way of real-time automatic reply, reply to answer for the masses about scenic area public security management services, to broaden the community interaction channels, listen to the masses for the Qinghai Lake scenic area public security work opinions and suggestions, and provide more and better services for the majority of visitors and friends of the masses that makes people more satisfied with the work of public security in Qinghai Lake area.


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