The power of example to service people of all nationalities noble medical ethics

Han Huiying, Ren Ren song of life and even a lifetime of life dedicated to the noble cause of medical and health, their lofty spirit so that the majority of cadres and workers in the province’s medical system deeply moved.

over the past few days, Xining First People’s Hospital once again set off to Han Huiying, just to protect the enthusiasm of the study. A lofty hospital asked the cadres and workers to learn Han Huiying, Ren Matsuho to love the party, love the people, loyal to the cause of global minded; learn from their dedication, not afraid of difficulties, bravely assumed responsibility, the cause of the party and the people highly responsible spirit of learning; they always asked himself to the Communist standard strictly, calm in emergency before the disaster, no retreat, the first charge, use the life to protect the people’s health dauntless heroism.


"Han Huiying, Ren Matsuho interpretation" in the former, solidarity and cooperation, cherish life, abide by the duty "Qinghai health occupation spirit charge, is our health workers learning model. We should put them into the spirit and the pursuit of power, to the noble medical ethics, superb service skills, better service to the people." Xining First People’s Hospital Dean Wang Dongchao said.

Han Huiying, Jen Jen Paul for decades, such as one day, in the harsh conditions of medical treatment of high altitude areas of duty, dragged the body to run in the first line of the disaster area, the sick and wounded, gave their precious lives. We must learn from their down-to-earth, conscientious, diligent study of the spirit, and strive to improve their business ability and management level." Department of Dermatology director Huang Yongmei said.

Zhang Rufeng, Yan Yu, Li Qiwang, Liu Xin and other doctors have said, should be based on their respective positions, to Han Huiying, to the lofty spirit of Comrade Song Ren Bao as the driving force, faithfully perform their duties mission, take practical action to create advanced, excellent, for example.

, the third people’s Hospital in the days before the organization to carry out to Han Huiying and Ren Matsuho Comrade learning activities. Asked the cadres and workers in relation to the reality, the learning activities and "merit yimanyi", "repair, strong medicine, medical ethics can cast Yihun, organic integration of tree image" and "medical quality Miles" and other activities, improve the level of medical services, improve medical quality, improve service attitude, service behavior, and vigorously promote the noble medical ethics, building a harmonious doctor-patient relationship, and strive to achieve "good service, good quality, good medical ethics, the satisfaction of the masses" goal. (author: Yuan Yuhong)


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