13 provincial chamber of Commerce think about Lake Lake area

Infrastructure construction of the new Lake area, so that the 13 provinces of Qinghai chamber of Commerce eager. In accordance with the instructions of mayor Wang Yubo, yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Standing Committee, vice mayor Zhang Yongjun invited 13 provinces, Qinghai chamber of Commerce in charge of the Lake Lake New District Management Committee to promote discussion. Fujian, Anhui chamber of Commerce official said, the lake district is always thinking about the development of their fertile soil, in the Lake District core business circle to build his own chamber of Commerce building, business headquarters economy, is the member of the chamber of Commerce will agree.The new city livable beautiful Tibetan Plateau modern prosperity

Lake District has invested 27 billion 500 million yuan to build the Grand Theater, Museum of science and technology, sports center and other large public infrastructure projects in the environment and in the next five years will be built a vibrant blueprint, have a strong appeal to the local chamber of commerce. They believe that in the sea lake district built their own chamber of Commerce building, not only the needs of the chamber of Commerce, but also to establish the image of the chamber of Commerce, the need to show the strength of chamber of commerce.

Zhang Yongjun on behalf of the municipal government and the sea lake district administrative committee, the chamber of Commerce to invest in the new Lake area of enthusiasm and sincerity to express appreciation and welcome. Zhang Yongjun pointed out that the state-owned capital, private capital and capital to keep abreast of the provinces, is always adhere to the sea lake district investment and construction principles. Xining municipal government and the new Lake Lake District Administrative Committee will be efficient government environment, to ensure that enterprises and chambers of Commerce in the development and construction of the new Lake Lake project into, stable, long.


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