Datong County through the construction of new socialist countryside file demonstration county pre a

June 26, 2012, according to the provisions of the State Archives Bureau, Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture issued "implementation measures" demonstration county socialism new countryside construction archives work, the creation of the National Socialist New Countryside Construction Archives Work Demonstration County Leading Group commissioned, led by the Qinghai Provincial Archives Bureau, jointly with the Department of civil affairs, agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau and Xining Municipal Bureau of archives composed of pre acceptance group, on the basis of "demonstration county socialism new countryside construction archives work plan" pre acceptance, by listening to the reports, on-site inquiries, on-site inspection, inspection of materials on the basis of the county archives, packet checks 12 farm units, township and village archives and other forms of my county to create the socialism new countryside construction archives the demonstration county preparatory work conducted a comprehensive evaluation and pre acceptance, 97.5 points through to our county to create social Construction of new rural areas in the work of the model file pre acceptance. This is the first in Qinghai province through the pre acceptance of the establishment of a new socialist countryside construction archives work demonstration counties.


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