Northwest China in 2016 Special Olympics coaches promotion classes

6 21, China by the Federation of the disabled, disabled sports management center, China sponsored by the Federation of the disabled in Qinghai province hosted the 2016 Special Olympics coaches in Northwest fusion promotion activities held in Xining ". 27 Special Olympics fusion coaches from the northwest of gathered in Xining to learn the theory and practice of Special Olympics fusion activities.

According to

, in recent years, the cause of the disabled in all levels of Party committees and governments of the correct leadership and the strong support of China CDPF has made considerable progress, a lot of work in the forefront of the western and even the country. By participating in the Special Olympics games at home and abroad, the establishment of special activities, carry out community demonstration activities, Special Olympics special Olympics, nearly 10 years won 159 medals in international competitions, including 57 gold medals, 16 thousand people with intellectual disabilities Special Olympics wonderful.

the Special Olympics coaches promotion activities held, fully embodies the Chinese China Special Olympics of Qinghai disabled, disabled sports care and attention, is the sports work in our province disabled encouragement and motivation, to carry out the work of the Special Olympics will effectively promote the Northwest region.


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