Using new ideas to create a livable city

Tongren Road overpass Green after the green.

Tongren Road overpass before the overall greening.

Xining is a "green livable city" attitude in front of people. In recent years, the city to create vigorous activities, so that the city of the United States and the United States, water, the United States, more beautiful! No matter which direction you enter from Xining, the first to jump into the eyes of the road on both sides of the lush green, this extension of the green ribbon to lead you into the urban area, the lack of forest green has become the past.

green highest strategy: cultivate boutique

in recent years, Xining green and urban environmental remediation has always insisted on highlighting the city’s personality, shaping the urban characteristics in a prominent position. Careful planning well, on the north and south two mountain river landscape, greening, road greening, parks, green building, all carefully planned, repeated comparison of scientific proof, strict examination, to determine the best solution, to achieve excellence, better and better.

– the delicate green. North and South Street, sunning Road, Qaidam road…… The main street in Xining, and the tree, green grass, a green corridor. Qaidam Park, sunning Plaza, fire ditch, such as squares, parks and residential areas, all in the green world. The past dirty and poor Nanchuan River and the two sides after renovation, has been reborn as the green ribbon waterfront park. The two green mountain to make Xining proud, had two mountain water due to dry hard grass ", and now covered with green waves, pine spruce pinnacle, ecological city is gradually formed here. Xining is using a new way of thinking to open green boutique tour.

– a beautiful street. Outside the window the beautiful streets green for foreign tourists to leave a good impression, the construction of traffic island is in one of the highlights of city greening. In accordance with the requirements of the municipal Party committee and government, the city implemented the Qilian Road, Sea Lake Road, Tongren Road and other roads to enhance the transformation of the transformation of the landscape of the project, many of the old sparse plots of land covered with colored clothes. Qilian road is a huge change in the situation, where not only the implementation of the road reconstruction project, but also in the Qinghai Tibet Railway (Xining section) along the construction of 9 parks, green space. In the construction of every block in the landscape, garden workers selected a carved brick by brick, stone edge, breeding fine supporting a perfect scheme of every tree and bush, repeated construction, purpose is to stand the test of time boutique street.

: fine management. Inadvertently, the public found that the park, the park seat, litter boxes, such as clean, green alopecia areata has also been planted, the green belt has been built neat and stylish, this year, the city’s urban environment;

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