Provincial CPPCC held an enlarged meeting of the party to convey the spirit of learning and implemen

8 26, the provincial CPPCC held an enlarged meeting of the party, to convey the spirit of learning and implementing the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai. According to the Provincial Standing Committee arrangements for the implementation of the spirit of the provincial CPPCC speech deployment. CPPCC party secretary, chairman Ren Qing Jia chaired the meeting, deputy party secretary, deputy chairman Wang Xiaoqing, Party members, vice president Ji Renfeng, Secretary General Wang Jin attended the meeting; vice chairman Bao Yizhi, Ren Qing, Zong Kang and Jack authority deputy division level and above cadres attended the meeting.

the meeting noted that the general secretary Xi Jinping to visit Qinghai, fully embodies the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the work of Qinghai and the people of all nationalities in Qinghai Province on the deep concern, feeling inspired, inspired, will greatly stimulate the construction of our beautiful rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai confidence and determination. General secretary of the important speech, from the overall layout of "five in one" and "the four overall strategic layout, insight into the characteristics of development of Qinghai, Qinghai development direction, put forward" four major requirements, solid "aspirational speech, profound thoughts, guide our sincere words and earnest wishes, a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream Qinghai chapter and follow.

the meeting noted that the general secretary to visit Qinghai, have milepost significance in Qinghai in the process of development, implement the spirit of good learning speech, the CPPCC system is an important political task, we should remember the exhortations, live up to expectations, to implement the important speech spirit embodied in the ecological protection effect, the effectiveness of scientific development on the effectiveness of poverty alleviation, poverty and serious party life effectiveness.

meeting the requirements, should learn the spirit of the important speech and the general secretary of Qinghai all indicated in combination with the spirit of the plenary session of the Provincial Committee, a profound understanding of the essence of the speech, find the combining point of our work. To highlight the leading role of the CPPCC Party group, layered, phased arrangements for special learning, innovative learning form, solid and in-depth study and implement the important speech of the general secretary. To guide the work practice with the spirit of the speech, the general secretary’s speech at the Qinghai air plant to use; speech mind, enhance our ideological accomplishment, theoretical literacy, political literacy. Through learning the spirit of the speech to further deepen the understanding of the situation in the province, according to Qinghai’s development characteristics, grasp the development trend of Qinghai; to further clarify ideas, highlighting the Qinghai focus, highlighting the advantages of Qinghai, identify the starting point of CPPCC to perform their duties. To further improve the work style, so that the performance of their duties and the results of a more fulfilling, pragmatic, simple.


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