West District tax bureau to implement the five in place to help small and micro enterprise developme

is a positive response to the government call to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment, conscientiously implement the new about the tax preferential policies for small and micro enterprises, to further play the guiding role of tax adjustment, help Small and micro businesses to survive and get out of the dilemma, the implementation of the "five place" measures of Xining City Local Taxation Bureau and through the improvement of preferential policies to encourage and guide system, Small and micro businesses innovation and development, restructuring and development, and constantly improve the internal power and core competitiveness, thus promoting the Small and micro businesses to achieve business model transformation, bigger and stronger.

government set up the concept of water fish, is to encourage the development of small and micro business owners to support small and micro enterprises to grow and develop a Huimin policy. Only small and micro enterprises grow and develop, will produce more and more tax revenue for the country. So, conscientiously implement the national, provincial and municipal and Provincial Local Taxation Bureau on support Small and micro businesses development deployment and policy measures, give full play to the functions of Taxation, Small and micro businesses to increase support for efforts to reduce the tax burden, Small and micro businesses to help boost confidence, guide the transformation and upgrading, improve profitability and development potential, promote the regional economy is stable, healthy and sustainable development of the west, the Bureau of the implementation of small and micro enterprises, tax preferential policies to support the development of Small and micro businesses, as an important part of enhancing the level of tax service task, the timely introduction of policies in place, quality service, policy advocacy in place, the daily management in place, supervision of the implementation in place of the "five place" measures to support the development of Small and micro businesses with the best service concept.

as of September 19th, the west bureau under the jurisdiction of Small and micro businesses found a total of 949 households, involving transportation, warehousing, accommodation, catering, property management industry, leasing and business services and other specified industries and other industries, combined with the Local Taxation Bureau West job, starting from the building development good environment loose, strong support for the development of Small and micro businesses to help a helping hand. (author: Zhang Shuzhou)


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