Xining seven measures to ensure the supply of stable prices

to ensure that during the two I mainly agricultural and sideline products market supply and price stability, the day before, vice mayor Xu Guocheng presided over the city of Xining to ensure market supply and price stability work conference, special arrangements for market supply during the two related work. The meeting decided to take practical measures to stabilize market prices, control the impact of relatively large cattle and mutton and vegetables prices continued to rise, especially to prevent the rapid rise in the prices of some commodities during the two sessions.

seven government measures to stabilize prices

* do beef and mutton subsidies. To take the price of beef subsidies, subsidies per kilogram of 4 yuan, according to the subsidies of lamb, beef subsidies by the end of 150 to 1200. Beef and mutton subsidy time from December 28, 2012 until February 25, 2013. During two periods to increase the storage of live and frozen meat, take comprehensive measures to achieve the basic stability of prices.

to further increase the allocation of vegetables. Especially increase the transportation are. On the market price of vegetables to increase the price of freight subsidies to mobilize large vegetables and vegetable base to enter into an agreement to increase the recent price increases faster varieties of vegetables. We should give full play to the enthusiasm of the major slaughtering enterprises and vegetable transportation enterprises, and guide the leading enterprises to play the corporate social responsibility and increase the supply. At the same time, we must mobilize the main supermarket to do the supply of cheap vegetables and parity.

– increase the main farmers market stall fee subsidies. In accordance with the Municipal Finance and district finance to bear half of the way the main farmers market stalls subsidies. The increase in booth fee subsidies at the same time, to increase market supervision and inspection, strict implementation of "four guarantees quality inspection system and urban linkage joint investigation mechanism, to ensure market supply, the measures to stabilize the market price in place, to achieve tangible results.

arrange the basic life of difficult people. Continue to do the work of temporary living allowance and a one-time holiday subsidies and other subsidies to protect the basic livelihood of the poor people.

* agricultural super docking. Arrange funds to guide and support supermarkets to carry out agricultural super docking work. Give full play to the supermarket to protect the market supply, stabilize the market price of the role of the work, combined with the development of agricultural super docking pilot cities to reduce circulation costs, protect the market supply.

– mobilize all forces to increase market supply. Conscientiously implement the breeding base construction, according to the contribution of the breeding base for the market arrangements for the 2013 subsidy funds. Mobilize the scale of aquaculture enterprises to contribute to the protection of market supply.

—- increase market price supervision. The relevant departments and the county government should pay close attention to market dynamics, strengthen the market price supervision and inspection, to dominate the market, price gouging, hoarding and profiteering, in violation of the price control policy illegal operators severely punished according to law, strict penalties, plot particularly serious cancel its qualification.

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