Qinghai City New District Planning and construction of high level seminar held in Xining

November 3rd, Qinghai City New District Planning and construction of high-level seminar held in Xining. From inside and outside the province, has a high reputation of many city planning experts, after two days of field trips, and related areas of the province, departments responsible comrades together to discuss, feel the pulse of the city of our province, the construction of the new diagnosis, suggestions. Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Xu Fushun attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

in recent years, under the background of the special situation in our province, combined with the level of economic and social development, population, resources, environment, location characteristics and other practical, realistic, according to local conditions, overall planning, the province’s urbanization advancement and achieved remarkable results, strong bearing load of the rapid development of the economic society of Qinghai. At the meeting, the city of Xining, Haidong Prefecture, Haixi state, Golmud City, responsible comrades were introduced on their respective new urban planning and construction progress, vision and work difficulties, focus. China City Planning Institute deputy chief planner Shen Chi, Ke Huanzhang, former president of the Beijing City Planning Institute, Peking University professor Cao Guangzhong and more than 10 experts, respectively on the on-the-spot investigation Xining, Haidong, Haixi new construction experience, to the Qinghai city planning and construction of new opinions and suggestions made a statement, and introduces the practice in many areas are mature construction city area and experience. The convening of the high-level seminar, will emancipate our minds, broaden our thinking, continue to explore a new path of urbanization with Qinghai characteristics play an important role.

Xu Fushun after listening to the speeches of experts, to further promote the province’s urbanization in Qinghai is the strategy of expanding domestic demand, the focal point of the adjustment of industrial structure, an important starting point to promote special regional development the key point and the basic way to solve the farmers and herdsmen problem. The construction of the new city of Qinghai must have accurate positioning, based on the coordinated development of industrialization and modernization of agriculture and animal husbandry, further promote the province’s large and medium city and town, the new community of coordinated development; to fully understand the profound connotation of Qinghai urbanization construction, correctly handle the relationship between government regulation and market orientation. The level of urbanization and industrialization development, the development speed and the province to adapt to the development pattern and the provincial government to determine the "four zone two line" strategic pattern and the twelve party will determine the construction of the "three zones" to adapt to the strategic objectives, the equalization of basic public services end realization of people-oriented; to further clarify the scientific strategic planning, relying on industry support, optimizing layout, strengthen transportation, water conservancy, community construction etc. Urban carrying capacity, seriously study and get rid of institutional barriers, and truly promote the comprehensive development of the surrounding areas through the construction of new districts. (author: Lina)

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