The face will reveal the tiger Taiwan district next month

  "born" in the last century in 80s, "old district" – Tiger Taiwan district will be rejuvenated. This year, the west district government will invest 4 million 800 thousand yuan, "haggard face" tiger Taiwan small lanes and sidewalks and green "cosmetic", the current project has started construction, is expected to be delivered in mid June.

Tiger Island Residential Area 19 existing residential buildings, household population of nearly 3000 people. In the last century in 80s, the tiger has been the home of the residents who are proud of the District, because at that time the area is beautiful in other areas of the community, a neat building decorated in green trees safflower, particularly comfortable. With the passage of time, residential facilities in disrepair, green trampling serious, coupled with the lack of the necessary property management, road is damaged, hospital internal organs, disorderly and poor, theft and other issues gradually, not only the residents have complained, but also affected the social order.

this year, the west district government will tiger Taiwan District as a livelihood project into construction project investment funds for the construction of library, the total courtyard area of 12 thousand and 700 square meters of green lanes and sidewalks, the implementation of the transformation. To create a good living environment for leisure, households, households enhance the happiness index, the district is still the reconstruction project in the construction of a landscape corridor and casual cool antique style four corner Pavilion and shizhuodandeng, new landscape node 8. In the project after the completion of a Property Management Company will be stationed in the area, take the "low cost, efficient service, government subsidies moderate" principle, the implementation of property management services, solve the tiger Taiwan small filthy, poor public security, poor facilities and many other social problems and contradictions.


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