Reform of the province’s official car system to cancel the vehicle third live auction held

9 29, 2009, the province’s official car system reform canceled vehicle auction held in Xining in third. Including red flag, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Ford, Honda and other brands, including 60 buses for public auction. Senate to take the vehicle to identify the evaluation criteria for the identification of the evaluation criteria as the reserve price, starting price ranging from 4000 yuan to 98 thousand yuan, the implementation of the license plate separation, without a license auction. September 21st onwards, the provincial wall of the media published an auction notice, from September 25th to 28 to be photographed vehicles were publicly displayed.

the entire auction on the same day at 12 am, which lasted nearly 3 hours, the successful capture of the 46 buses. Starting price of 2 million 14 thousand and 200 yuan, the total price of $2 million 609 thousand, a premium of $594 thousand and 800, the premium rate of 29.5%. The highest transaction price is a TOYOTA car, the transaction price of 190 thousand yuan.

To ensure the

cancel the vehicle open and fair, sunny disposition, strictly follow the implementation of the "auction disposal vehicle relates to Qinghai provincial organs of public transport system reform to" standardize organization, full supervision on behalf of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection in the office of the provincial government discipline inspection group, provincial government administrative services and public resources trading center, the business sector.

up to now, the provincial authorities to cancel the auction of vehicle bus system reform has been successfully held three games, each auction is highly concerned by the society and the masses, each auction for service guarantee in place, for the vehicle to transfer procedures in place by the convergence work bidders praise. It is understood that the provincial authorities to cancel the bus system reform of the general public service vehicles will be divided into two batches for the public auction.


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