ntegrity management power

said "integrity", a lot of people are aware of its importance, but also willing to abide by in their daily lives, however, until the specific implementation of the above things, many people are easy to ignore. Some people say that honesty is often it is a thankless task. However, great men tend to be honest people, they pay attention to details, attention to details, not for profit and loss cause.

sixteenth U. S. President Lincoln was born poor, young did ferry workers and plantation workers, shop and carpentry and other work. When he was a clerk, he was honest. Once a woman to buy things to pay a few cents, Lincoln walked 10 kilometers, to catch up with the woman, as is the return that a few cents; another time, he found a female customer less weighed 1/4 pounds of tea, he ran several kilometers to make up for her.

it is because of good faith, humble Lincoln, as pour as a church mouse by the local residents’ respect and trust, at the age of 25, was elected to the state parliament, began his political career. In 1860, at the age of 51, he ran for president and was elected. His integrity, integrity, kindness and strong personality, so that he won the support and love of the people, to become one of the best presidents in the history of the United states.

to 1/4 pounds of tea, a few cents, these small trifles, take the initiative to come to "it", many people think it is Big deal, some people think that to get excited over a little thing; and even if customers know that they eat a little loss, don’t haggle. But it is the accumulation of many trivial things, and eventually became a major event.

so, the integrity of the retail business has played a booster role, with good, to promote the retail forward, upward development; use is not good, it will do the opposite.

reason is simple but often we will be ignored, even abandoned side. In practical operation, some retail businesses in order to achieve sales of goods will be deliberately pompous or even to deceive customers out of thin air. When the customer found deceived, they immediately cloudy, Hengmeilengdui, the customer is rational sometimes eat yabakui, blame a tightness in my heart, only when the unfortunate bemoaned his. This mode of operation, it seems to sell the goods, but also sold the integrity, smashed his own signs.

The integrity of

power, its positive role in promoting the retail business can not be ignored. We all know that the Wahaha Group companies. Its founder Zong Qinghou from riding a tricycle to sell popsicle, soda and school book to start an undertaking, hard through down-to-earth, one step at a time so far, Wahaha has now developed into a set of product development, production and sales as one of the large-scale food and beverage enterprise, become China largest beverage production enterprises, production in the world. Therefore, such as

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