Small business to open a peanut tofu square can profit

some people want to do business, but have been unable to find suitable projects, or in the choice of projects blindly, small business project is very much, want to find a promising is not very simple, if you first time to do business, to open a peanut maybe it is not wrong Doufufang choice.


2. taste good. Peanut tofu and low sugar, low-fat food, nutrition and delicious, smooth, pleasant fragrance, smooth taste, lasting fragrance.


2. peanut tofu production technology Sauteed Tofu, Home Style

3. technology

4. technology to make tofu skin colored fruits and vegetables tofu skin manufacturing technology for


1. investment tips to flow through the camp. You can make peanut tofu at home, go to the community, market, supermarket, hotel and other places around the large demand for production, how much to sell, earn to go where, no store, no inventory, easy money, profit doubled.

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