Master the three marketing strategies to do business easily

shopping malls such as the battlefield, which many of us struggle to fight layman may not be very understanding, but to do business must know, as the saying goes, do very good business, pay attention to the mind. Do not look down on a shop, in order to operate well, in addition to the correct positioning of the business, shop location reasonable, marketing planning is also very important. The marketing strategy of the store is usually done from three aspects:

shop marketing strategy one: improve visibility

The new

store shop popularity is not high, many customers do not know, it is faced with a problem of the early start of the publicity, advertising is necessary. The main point of advertising is to select the target consumer groups most of the views of the media or the most concentrated, and in a certain period of time for continuous publicity.

shop marketing strategy two: improve customer traffic

if the store did not choose to shop in the downtown business district, then, we must find ways to improve the traffic flow shop corner. Although advertising, can cause consumers to pay attention to, but this part of the consumer will not necessarily come to the store, so, in order to attract potential consumers to the store, it is necessary to move some brains.

if there are people around you who do business, you can develop a number of preferential cards, so that these friends to help recommend to their customers, which is called the launch of the power of the people to create "popularity".

shop marketing strategy three: increase repeat customers

increase repeat customers, it is necessary to improve customer loyalty. Not only to sell good goods, provide good service, but also to establish a good relationship with the customer.

do not rely on brute force to do business, learn to find the rules, find the way of doing business, the above points is small to give us advice, a successful store in this area are doing better, for example, the establishment of customer files, regular communication and contact, recommend new products and new promotional information, and to establish the individual consumer files for each customer, excellent service personnel can remember every one of the old customers of different consumption habits.

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