For entrepreneurs how to do a good job in market research

for the development of an industry, in the previous investment to do a market survey is very necessary, the combination of practical experience and theory, which is the necessity of market research. Market research is based on the scientific methods and means, collection and analysis of products from production to consumption among all related product sales data, such as production, pricing, packaging, transport, wholesale, retail and product promotion, sales strategy, channels and market development, and social political and economic situation.

first determine the entrepreneurial market investigations, such as the consumer flow and potential consumer groups scale, competition situation and the price of similar products. To Miss Liu to open a small clothing store as an example, should determine the following objectives before doing market research: 1, shop around 2 traffic, similar number of businesses and business scale 3, scale 4, sales of high potential consumer product type and price 5, similar businesses maintain the quantity and the daily flow of goods. There are two basic methods of investigation, can be flexible use.

said restaurant — make big plant gasification furnace of fruit and vegetable bean

Methods: 1

if you can use the surrounding traffic survey and observation to the site observation flow per unit time, calculated according to the measured data; similar businesses can use information inquiry method, directly or indirectly to obtain first-hand information, as a direct reference.

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